30 Apr 2018
The new NPS Log Monitor v1.56 was released.

18 Sep 2017
The new NPS Log Monitor v1.46 was released.

04 Jul 2016
The new IAS Log Viewer v3.09 was released.

09 Dec 2015
The new IAS Log Viewer v3.01 was released.

22 Apr 2014
The new nrComm Lib v9.38 with XE6 support now.

11 Feb 2014
IAS Log Viewer v2.85 released.

09 Jul 2013
The new nrComm Lib v9.34 with XE4 Update1 support now.

12 May 2013
The new nrComm Lib v9.33 with XE4 support is available.

25 Oct 2012
IAS Log Viewer v2.78 released.

16 Aug 2012
IAS Log Viewer v2.76 released.

07 Feb 2012
The new nrComm Lib v9.29 is available.

27 Jan 2012
IAS Log Viewer v2.75 released.

21 Jun 2011
The new nrComm Lib v9.19 is available.

Older news here...

nrComm Lib & nrComm NET

The powerful VCL/.NET component libraries for serial communication tasks.
The nrComm Lib and nrComm NET include some components, classes and routines useful for work with serial port devices, USB, HID, GPS, data and voice modems, barcode scanners and speech conversion and others.

Storage Library

Our company is pleased to offer new way for application settings management. Storage library is a collection of components allowing to work with application settings. Using this library you can gradually add functionality of application settings management in you application.

Syntax Suite

The components and controls for syntax highlighting tasks. Powerfull plain text editor. Possible the custom syntax rules in design time and etc.


aLogyzer program is powerful tool for analyze the log files of Web server and generating HTML reports.

Custom Development

DeepSoftware offers custom software development. We are ready to create a high-quality software, specifically for your needs.

IAS Log Viewer

The IAS Log Viewer program help read and interpret the log files from Windows 2000 RRAS.
With the IAS Log Viewer you can view log files at user-friendly form and use it as a lite RADIUS reporting tool for Windows 2000 RAS/IAS services.


The ScrLock is a unique smart program for disable screensaver while important processes are running.
You can add program into Process list of ScrLock and screensaver of your computer will start only when this program is not working.

MyGSM (freeware)

MyGSM works with mobile phone connected to computer over Bluetooth, IrDA, USB etc. You can send SMS (and from command line too), get the notifications about new SMS or rings. It allows to see and manage phone books of mobile with quick search function. It provides wide capabilities for automatization.

Easy Assembler Shell

Cool IDE for assembler languge programming.

HID plugin

Teach your media player to understand an any HID remote conrol! The latest version supports the WINAMP and Microsoft Media Players now.

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